Marmara University School of Medicine-Bristol Urological Institute “Bristol Certificate in Urodynamic Course”


  • Knowledge of the techniques of basic and specialist urodynamics

  • Choosing correct test in individual patient group.

  • Knowledge of the basic physical principles regarding urodynamic investigations

  • Role of UDS in diagnosis of  various clinical conditions in children,  women, men and specific patient populations (i.e. neuro-urological cases)

  • Artefact recognition during test, correction and continuing test

  • Interpretation of UDS traces


  • Define the role of UDS in the management of the different patient groups.
  • Theoretical and clinical hands-on education
  • Patient and clinical case based interpretation of tests
  • Urodynamic lab practice
  • Quiz at the end of course for evaluation
  • Contribution to residency education
  • Basic and advanced learning with tips and tricks for UDS examination


Residents ( Urology, Ob& Gyn, Physiotherapy), Specialists, Doctors, Nurses, Technicians and anyone allied to urodynamics who work for health system